What is the best personal attack alarm ?

What’s a personal attack alarm?

The personal attack alarm is also called a shrill alarm and is a small device that can be attached to your waistband, pocket, or purse. In case of an attack or dangerous situation, the loud alarm (sound pressure power up to 140 dB) can be triggered by pressing a button or removing a safety pin. Alarms are valuable helpers in active self-protection, but also in preventing theft.

Without noticing it, one can become a victim of thieves. Undercover of darkness or in crowded shopping streets, thieves strike particularly frequently. The loud alarm attracts the attention of other people in the neighborhood and/or the thief is chased away or lets go of the bag, as he no longer feels unobserved or frightened by the loud sound. If the perpetrator has it in for the person himself, the loud alarm can give valuable time to flee. Due to the surprise effect, the attacker can be irritated for a short time.

Nevertheless, there are still offenders who are not deterred by the loud sound or who are deterred from the victim. The probability increases especially in lonely areas at night or when the surroundings are generally very loud, such as on New Year’s Eve. Therefore, the above-mentioned combination with a pepper spray is recommended to put the perpetrator out of action.

A personal attack alarm can also counteract the theft of bicycles. For this purpose, a dowel is integrated into the ground and this is connected to the shrill alarm attached to the bicycle by a cord and hook. When the bicycle rolls away, the alarm is now triggered, which should scare off at least a few thieves.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of personal attack alarm?


  • Cheap to buy
  • Easy to operate
  • Can alert other people in the vicinity to a dangerous or emergency or counteract theft
  • Low weight
  • Versatile in use


  • Not suitable for incapacitating the attacker
  • The print mechanism allows the alarm to be easily deactivated by skilled attackers

What should I consider when buying a Personal Alarm alarm?

Since alarms are legal, they are available in gun shops as well as easily via the Internet. Before buying, you should pay attention to the volume of the shrill alarm. A sound pressure level of up to 140 dB is the maximum. Long-term exposure to this volume can cause hearing damage. In the short term, you will hear the pain in your ears.

The alarm should be set to the maximum volume if the bag alarm is intended to protect valuables in crowded shopping streets or other environments with high volume. Besides, the alarm should be set to a light and compact device so that it can be used in a variety of applications. Also, a heavier or even bulky model can make it difficult to integrate into a backpack or purse.

Other criteria that can be helpful in the decision to purchase:

  • How did different models perform in test magazines? (test winner, value for money winner)
  • What do the reviews (e.g. on Amazon) or the opinions of experts say?
  • Does the manufacturer offer support that acts as a contact person after purchase?
  • Are suitable accessories available for subsequent purchases?
  • The popularity of the pocket alarm manufacturer

What types of alarms are there?

There are two ways of commissioning: With battery or with a gas cartridge. In the case of a battery-powered shrill alarm, the performance of the batteries should be checked regularly. With a gas cartridge-operated pocket alarm, however, it is sufficient to replace the cartridge after the alarm has been used.

Some models also have an alarm that imitates the screaming of a woman and is designed to irritate the offender even more. Besides, some shrill alarms can be used as flashlights, as they have an integrated LED lamp, making it easier to find keyholes, for example.

Depending on the model, the pocket alarm can be triggered either by pulling a safety pin or pressing a button. The alarm can be switched off by pressing the safety pin again or by putting it back. Most devices have a key ring so that it can be easily attached to a key ring. There are also shrill alarms that can be worn on the wrist like a wristwatch and are immediately ready to hand.

Why is a personal attack alarm useful for women?

Personal attack alarms are recommended for all physically weaker persons such as women, but also older or restricted people. However, the pocket alarm mustn’t be seen as a universal weapon, but as a supplement to other self-defense measures, such as pepper spray!

In danger or emergencies, the pocket alarm can confuse or frighten the attacker with its loud sound. This gives the attacked person valuable time to flee and attract the attention of the surroundings. Also, the perpetrator can be put out of action for a short time with a pepper spray. Handbags or other valuables can also be protected against theft by carrying bag alarms.

If you would like to buy a personal attack alarm as an emergency alarm for children or yourself as a defense, you are spoilt for choice, because the range of products is very large. In the test, we looked at different models for your protection and summarized the best personal alarm systems 2020 for you. Even an inexpensive personal alarm already fully serves its purpose, as the test showed.

 Personal attack alarm reviews

Vigilant 130dB Personal Alarm

This model is suitable for the elderly as it has a comfortable long cable and a high sound level of 130 dB. You can easily attach the keyring to your arm and easily remove the pin if necessary. The sound is dispersed 1000 feet away, so if you live in the same house, you can always call for help. On the street, your neighbors or passers-by will certainly hear the sound of the siren. There is also a flashlight built into the keyring, which is useful in a dark corridor or at night. You can activate it by pressing the button and it will light up while it is held.

Personal Alarm,3 Pack Safety Alarm Keychain with LED Flashlight

As the best personal alarm and thus as the test winner, the Ponangaga 3-piece set was able to prevail. The panic alarm is not only inexpensive but also worked reliably in the test with a volume of up to 140 dB.

The siren is very penetrating and therefore has an excellent deterrent effect. Also, an LED light is installed, so that the devices can also be used as a small flashlight and emergency light. It can light up for up to 30 minutes when the alarm is triggered so that you can be seen well even in the dark.

The devices are very compact and handy and solidly manufactured. Thanks to the keyring it can be easily attached anywhere and works very economically so that it can be operated in standby mode for a very long time with the included LR44 batteries. Although the sirens are not waterproof, the product is convincing all along the line, so that we can give an unqualified recommendation to buy.

KOSIN Safe Sound Personal Alarm, 6 Pack 140DB Personal Security Alarm Keychain with LED Lights

If you need an affordable personal alarm for several people, you should consider the personal alarm KOSIN Safe Sound. This personal alarm sixpack costs about the same price as a single device from most other manufacturers. Therefore do not expect this to be a permanent panic alarm.

However, the most important consideration is whether the alarm protects you and your group. This personal alarm emits a 140 dB siren and can last up to 50 minutes. To achieve this level of performance, the unit runs on three LR44 batteries, which must be replaced annually.

The keychain alarm is convenient and can be attached to your bag, belt loop, suitcase, or dog collar. As such it is one of the best personal alarms for a range of applications. The KOSIN Safe Sound Personal Alarm is also equipped with an LED light that is activated by a separate button on the device.

What are the alternatives to personal alarms?

Panic alarms are only one of many means of self-defense. We have here a list of further options for self-protection. Some of these can be very effective against attackers:

Stun gun: With the stun gun you can restrict the attacker’s mobility for a short time and also paralyze him briefly. The disadvantage of this is that the attacker has to get very close to you before you can use it.

Pepper Spray: With pepper spray, the attacker is blinded for a short time, besides, he gets breathlessness. You should rather use it as a deterrent and consider if the use is necessary.

The Kubotan is a small pen, which is mostly made of aluminum. It helps to intensify the blows and to hit the attacker’s nerve points in a targeted manner. However, weaker women should rather leave this alternative.